In the case that Windows encounters an issue when booting, or with its file system, it may boot and display the message, "Preparing Automatic Repair". 

Under most circumstances, this automatic process will correct the issues which are prohibiting Windows from booting. You may need to allow at least three reboots of Windows to fully troubleshoot issues which are keeping Windows from booting. 

However, if you encounter a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) after this process, or if the system will not boot, there are some further troubleshooting options to try.

Instructions follow below.  

1. Load the optimized defaults in the BIOS by pressing DEL repeatedly as the system boots. Once you enter the BIOS, navigate to the "save/exit" tab, and select the option for "load optimized defaults". Then save/exit and let the system reboot. See if it will boot normally. If it does, the issue is resolved. 

2. If this doesn't work, and if the "preparing automatic repair" option continues to show, it would be possible to run repair tools from a USB stick. If you opted to have a Windows USB repair drive included with your PC, you may jump to step #3. If you did not opt for this addition to your Rok Box PC, You may create your own Windows repair USB using the Windows 10 media creation tool, found here:

Or the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool, found here:

Run the downloaded application, and when prompted, opt to copy the installation files to a USB thumb drive. You will need a thumb drive that is 16GB or larger, and all data on it will be deleted.

3. Once you create this bootable USB on another PC or use the bootable USB included with your Rok Box, you may then boot from it on your Rok Box PC by invoking the "boot options" menu on your Rok Box, which will be invoked at boot with either the F8, F11, or F12 key, depending on your system configuration. Press these keys repeatedly as the system boots to display the "boot options" menu. 

When the boot options menu presents, opt to boot from the USB boot device as outlined in the boot devices display.

Once you've booted to the USB, you may then select the "repair your computer" option in the Windows installer, and select the "startup repair" option, from the "Troubleshoot" menu. 

If this doesn't work, a system restore would be the next logical troubleshooting point. Instructions are found below: 

How to use Windows System Restore to restore your Rok Box to a previous date

If none of this works, then there may be a deeper issue with the system. Please open a support ticket by clicking here, and our team will be happy to help.