If you cannot boot your Rok Box, or if Windows has issues which stop your system from properly booting, you can opt for a Windows System Restore to roll your system back to a previous date before the issue you're experiencing was present. 

To do this, you'll first need a Windows Recovery USB or a Windows installation USB. 

If you opted to have a Windows Recovery USB included with your Rok Box, you may use that. 

If you did not opt for this, you may create a Recovery USB on another Windows-based PC, or download the Windows Media Creation tool, found here, to create a Windows installation USB, which acts the same as a recovery USB. 

Once you have your recovery media in hand, plug it into a USB port on your PC. 

Power the PC on and press the following to select the boot option on your Rok Box: 

- If you have a Rok Box MC Mobile Pro Audio Laptop, press F7 as the system boots, then select the USB stick as the bootable option. 

- If you have a Rok Box MC or CR series Pro Audio PC, press the F11 key repeatedly as the system boots to view the boot menu. 

Once your system has booted from the USB recovery USB: 

Then, select the USB as your boot option -- it will boot to the Windows installer, or the Windows recovery environment. 

Then, click "Troubleshoot", then "Advanced Options", then, "System Restore". 

In System Restore, you'll be presented with the option to utilize the latest restore point. You may use that, or you may click the option to explore other restore points. 

Then follow onscreen instructions to restore your PC. 

Once that is done, reboot the system and see if you're able to boot normally.