Occasionally, there may be a need to clear the CMOS and BIOS on your PC to troubleshoot power, boot, and other issues. 

This is easy to do. 

1. Shut down and unplug your Rok Box PC. 

2. Hold your Rok Box's power button for ten seconds to discharge any residual electricity stored in the motherboard. 

3. Open your PC. On Rok Box tower systems, remove the left-hand side of the PC (if looking at the front face of the PC). On Rok Box Rackmount systems, remove the top of the PC case. 

4. Locate the silver, quarter-sized CR2032 watch battery on the motherboard. It will be contained in a receptacle on the motherboard, and will look similar to this: 

Remove this battery using something plastic and non-conductive, such as a plastic butter knife. 

5. Leave this battery out of the PC for at least ten minutes. 

6. After ten minutes, reinsert the battery, and plug the system in, and power it on. 

7. Your system may show an error when first booting -- this is normal, because the internal configuration has been reset. If prompted, hit the F1 key on your keyboard to load system defaults. 

8. Allow the system to boot, and use as normal. 

If this does not resolve your issues, you may always open a support ticket in our online portal, or call PCAudioLabs Support.