To install Windows cleanly on your Rok Box (if you cannot recover from your Windows Recovery Image), please do the following: 

Please go here to get the Windows Media Creation tool:

Then, run this tool, and when prompted, opt to create an installer on a USB stick. 

Then select the USB stick connected to your PC. 

Create the installer media, and then connect that USB stick to your Rok Box.

Boot your system, and hold down the F11 key on your keyboard if you have a Rok Box MC or CR series Rok Box. 

Hold down F7 if you have a Rok Box Mobile. 

You will be prompted to choose which disk from which you'd like to boot. Select the USB drive inserted into your Rok Box. 

The Windows installer will load. 

You should then be prompted to install Windows to the OS drive in your system. 

This will completely reinstall Windows, and so any files on your primary drive will be lost. 

Once installed, you can call us back to have tweaks done to your new Windows install for audio production. 
Thank you,