If your system is reporting memory issues and crashing, the best thing to do in this case would be to run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. 

Click Start and type "memory diagnostic". 

Click the found item, and then follow on-screen instructions.

The system will run through a series of tests in a bootable mode that is outside of Windows. 

If the system crashes while running these tests, it is likely you have a bad RAM stick. 

If it does not crash, you'll see a report displayed in Windows when it reboots. 

The test will take awhile, just let it run. 

If the system crashes in the middle of the test, we will need to work out which RAM stick may be faulty. 

The best way to do this is to: 

- Unplug the system. 
- Hold the power button down for ten seconds. 
- Open the PC and locate the RAM sticks. They are on either side of the CPU and CPU cooler on the motherboard. 
- Remove all but one stick of RAM. 
- Boot the system and run the memory diagnostics again. 
- If the system passes tests, that stick of RAM is likely working. 
- Repeat the above process with each stick of RAM replacing the first stick, until the system crashes or reports an error while running the memory diagnostic. 

If you find a bad stick of RAM, and your system is under warranty, we'll ship a new stick. 

If it is outside of warranty, we can check if your RAM has a manufacturer warranty you can take advantage of. 

Let me know if this helps.