Cubase may have issues with high-DPI scaling in Windows, causing it to crash, or for the user interface to look incorrect. 

A step to troubleshoot this is to allow Windows to be in control of application scaling, rather than the application itself. 

Steps follow to troubleshoot.

Right-click a shortcut to Cubase on your desktop, if you don't have one, click Start, type: Cubase -- and then right-click the Cubase application and click on "open file location". 

Right-click the shortcut for Cubase, and then Select "properties". 

Click "compatibility". 

Click "change high DPI settings". 

Tick the box under "High DPI scaling override". 

In the pulldown menu, set scaling to be performed by "System (enhanced)". 

Click OK. 


Launch Cubase again.

Test for the issues which you were experiencing prior to this troubleshooting.