From time to time, PreSonus Studio One may encounter issues which keep it from properly operating, opening, or other issues  which affect performance of the application. 

When this happens, it is suggested to troubleshoot by resetting the PreSonus Studio One preferences. 

Please find the below instructions on how to reset your PreSonus Studio One preferences on Windows. 

Open Studio One. 

Click the help menu. 

Click "Open settings folder". 

Select all the content of the resulting folder that opens using ctrl+a, then ctrl+x to cut these items, then navigate to your desktop. 

Hold ctrl+shift+n to create a new folder. Name it "temp". 

Open the folder and press ctrl+V to paste the items into the folder. 

Close Studio One. 

Relaunch Studio One. 

It will re-write its preferences and then, after having setup your audio interface settings again, test for issues you may have been experiencing prior to clearing your preferences. 

If these issues do not clear, a Reinstallation of Studio One is suggested. 

You may download the Studio One installer from your MyPreSonus user account.