Your PCAL Rok Box may arrive with its Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) not installed. This is to protect it during shipment. 

As a result, the GPU will need to be installed when your system arrives. 

To do this: 

1. Remove the case side of the PC to access the inside of the PC where the motherboard can be found, and unpack your GPU.

2. Locate the open PCIe slot into which your GPU will be installed. 

3. Insert the GPU into the slot, and press gently until you hear a click, signifying that the GPU has seated into the slot. 

4. Some GPUs may require that PCIe power cables be plugged into the GPU. These cables will be pre-run inside your PC. Locate them, and plug them into the top of the GPU: 

5. Your GPU is now installed. Screw the Philips head screws into the GPU's mounting bracket to secure it to the PC case, and plug your video cables into it.